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Officer Spotlight

CDR Eduardo Cua

February 2024 Officer Spotlight
CDR Cua deployed as a recovery liaison to the Incident Management Team shortly after the Maui wildfires began in August 2023. He supported the staffing of the ASPR disaster behavioral health mission. He liaised with the Commissioned Corps Headquarters Readiness and Deployment Branch who deployed behavioral health providers - clinical psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and nurse practitioners - to provide behavioral health services to survivors seeking refuge at community health centers, shelters, and schools. The dedication and unwavering commitment from all the deployed Public Health Service officers was invaluable in supporting the recovery efforts.
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LCDR Jeremy Hyrczyk

January 2024 Officer Spotlight
Deployed to Indian Health Service Belcourt Service Unit in Belcourt, North Dakota in 2022, LCDR Hyrczyk provided clinical/surgical services and updated surgical/clinic suite instrumentation availability to improve access to care, which increased operating room efficiency by 50%.
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CDR Elizabeth Davlantes

December 2023 Officer Spotlight
During CDR Davlantes deployments with the CDC, she has helped reduce the burden of malaria and polio in Africa, managed hurricane recovery efforts in the Caribbean, and reduced COVID-19 transmission among unaccompanied migrants.
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CDR Kristie E. N. Clarke

November 2023 Officer Spotlight
CDR Clarke deployed to Equatorial Guinea in April 2023 to help combat an outbreak of Marburg virus disease (MVD), caused by a rare but highly fatal viral hemorrhagic fever zoonotic virus closely related to the Ebola virus. She identified and monitored health care workers who had been exposed to MVD and, if symptoms developed, got them tested and treated as early as possible. “Having seen the devastation caused by Ebola, I felt called to support our efforts to contain the MVD outbreak in collaboration with the Equatorial Guinea Ministry of Health and WHO. I felt I was in the right place at the right time,” CDR Clarke commented.
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CAPT Jill Shugart

September 2023 Officer Spotlight
Deployed twice in 2008, responding to two separate hurricanes during each tour, CAPT Shugart helped conduct environmental health inspections so local health staff could assess their own needs, and assisted in re-opening facilities on their behalf to help their communities get back to work and school.
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