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A Message from Chief Health Services Officer CAPT Bunnell

Profession Health Services

As the most diverse Category in the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps, the Health Services Category plays an instrumental role in protecting, promoting, and advancing the health and safety of the Nation. Health Services officers are highly trained and come from a variety of backgrounds, including dental hygienists, healthcare administrators, medical laboratory science technicians, optometrists, physician assistants, psychologists, and social workers. And, to further the category’s strength we also have officers with backgrounds in basic and applied sciences, public health, and health information technology.

As our Nation’s healthcare warriors, Health Service officers are committed and dedicated to serving underserved populations, as well as deploying in roles to care for communities affected by disasters and other public health emergencies. Deployment roles vary among health service officers based on their background and training. Many of our officers serve in leadership roles to ensure smooth operations, efficiency in logistical management, strategic planning, and other essential functions. Regardless of their role, Health Services officers have developed an outstanding reputations for their willingness and commitment to serve anywhere at any time to combat disease and advance the Nation’s health and safety. We stand ready!

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Health Services

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