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A Message from Chief Medical Officer CAPT Schier

Profession Physician

As a physician in the United States Public Health Service (USPHS) Commissioned Corps, you will have the opportunity to work in numerous different settings and roles as you progress through your career. This includes domestic opportunities at the federal, state, local or tribal level as well as international assignments in a wide variety of countries. You may start out your career working as a Lieutenant in a clinic or hospital in the Indian Health Service and ultimately find yourself leading an Office as a Rear Admiral in the Office for the Assistant Secretary for Health. The possibilities are truly endless with assignments available to you not only in various agencies within the Department of Health and Human Services but also in other Departments such as the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security and others. Many of our Public Health Service officers have transitioned from clinical to public health positions over their careers as well as vice versa. Others have chosen to remain with one particular agency, area or assignment to build a happy and fulfilling career. Throughout this time, you will be called upon periodically to respond to public health crises across the nation and possibly even outside the continental U.S. These highly coveted deployments give our officers a sense of duty, purpose and connection to an institution that was founded in 1798 and to a uniformed service created for that institution in 1889. There is no higher calling than to one of both health and public service. Welcome to the Physician Category of the USPHS Commissioned Corps!

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