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Salary and Benefits

While the USPHS Commissioned Corps is not an armed service, Public Health Service officers enjoy many of the same benefits as their counterparts in the uniformed services.


Your starting base pay as a Public Health Service officer is competitive with industry starting salaries and increases with promotions and years of service.

Total compensation
Monetary compensation


The USPHS Commissioned Corps understands the financial burden of an education. Certain Federal agencies may offer loan repayment and other educational and family support programs to you as a Public Health Service officer.

Education and loan repayment benefits


As a Public Health Service officer, you and your family are covered by a comprehensive managed service healthcare program plan called TRICARE that provides medical and dental care at little or no cost.

Health and dental care at low or no cost
TRICARE benefits

Long Term Care and Insurance

As a Public Health Service officer, you’re eligible for life insurance, retirement benefits and more.

Insurance benefits


Work-life balance is an important component of serving in the USPHS Commissioned Corps.

Vacation and leave benefits

Additional Benefits and Allowances

Learn about other benefits such as tax-free housing, meal allowances, clinical practice liability coverage, relocation expense reimbursement and more.

Additional benefits and allowances
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