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A Message from Chief Pharmacist Officer RDML Battese

Profession Pharmacist

Serving as a pharmacist in the USPHS offers a wide range of rewarding and progressive opportunities in some of the most interesting settings and locations. Regardless of where we serve, officers continue to hone their leadership skills and the clinical care capabilities necessary for responding to national health emergencies. PHS pharmacists generally gravitate to serving roles best suited to their interests and aptitude. Some focus on traditional or comprehensive patient care provider roles while others move into regulatory roles supporting national health security. Pharmacists serving as practitioners work under collaborative practice agreements or scopes of practice as prescribing providers. These opportunities range from specialty care for high risk populations to comprehensive primary care provider depending on the pharmacist’s qualifications and local needs. Pharmacists in regulatory roles focus on assuring the safety and effectiveness of our medications. These pharmacists serve in many interesting and impactful initiatives such as working to prevent, mitigate and solve critical drug shortages, and performing new drug reviews; making novel and more affordable medications available across the nation. Additionally, these pharmacists support medical countermeasures to be used during public health emergency response to a terrorist attack or accidental release of biological, chemical, or naturally occurring emerging infectious disease.

PHS pharmacists have a tradition of providing valued leadership and accomplishment whether responding to an Ebola outbreak, delivering care to remote villages in Alaska, or acting as the Lead Pharmaceutical Scientist providing pre-clinical development for a new investigational drug for the HEAL (Helping to End Addiction Long-term) initiative.

My PHS career began over 31 years ago with the hope of an exciting and rewarding experience, and PHS did not disappoint. Our positions are rewarding, wide-ranging and provide officers an unequaled opportunity to develop and expand their career dreams and ambitions.

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