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A Message from Chief Environmental Health Officer RADM Taylor

Profession Environmental Health

For over 70 years, Environmental Health Officers (EHOs) have proudly served in the United States Public Health Service (USPHS) to protect and advance the Nation’s health. USPHS EHOs have a distinguished history of serving the public health needs of all Americans.

EHOs in the USPHS ensure public health and safety in a variety of national and international roles. We are assigned to the Department of Health and Human Services and other federal agencies and programs, providing environmental health and public health services to the Nation.

Approximately 350 EHOs work in assignments that are diverse and numerous and include provision of services in general environmental health, health promotion and disease prevention, injury prevention, and occupational safety. We also work in highly specialized areas such as counterterrorism, industrial hygiene, health physics, hazardous waste, and biomedical and epidemiological research. Activities can include health and safety inspections, investigations, research, training and education, and codes and standards development. We review and regulate medical products and devices and develop and monitor national health programs and policies. During natural disasters and other emergencies, EHOs protect the public from environmental threats and help communities recover.

Driven by a passion for public service, EHOs fill essential public health and leadership roles within the nation’s Federal Government departments and agencies supporting care to underserved and vulnerable populations.

Environmental Health

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