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A Message from Chief Engineer Officer RADM Wang

Profession Engineer

The U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps engineer category’s motto is “Machinatores Vitae: Paratus, Volens, Peritus.”  It begins with “ENGINEERING FOR LIFE;” engineers are life-long problem solvers that make better health and life possible.  As USPHS Commissioned Corps engineers – we remain READY to respond at any time, WILLING to face uncertainty and risk, and ABLE to deliver health solution based on our expertise. “Engineering for Life: Ready, Willing, Able.”  If you are ready to selflessly impact the lives of others, commit to the mission and goals of a diverse team of professionals, develop your own capabilities and leadership, and advance health outcomes despite complex and hazardous challenges, then we have a fulfilling engineering role for you.  Welcome aboard – In the Service of Health.

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