What We Do

Engineer officers in the Commissioned Corps have the flexibility and freedom to pursue a diverse and fulfilling career. Day-to-day responsibilities of engineer officers include, but are not restricted to:

  • Promoting public health and preventing and controlling the spread of disease by installing water treatment and delivery systems and wastewater collection, treatment, and disposal systems for underserved populations
  • Conducting research and evaluations to reduce workers' exposures to occupational safety and health hazards
  • Evaluating and assessing the safety and effectiveness of medical devices and electronic products prior to market approval or through domestic and international inspections
  • Conducting state of the art research at Federal testing facilities and research labs
  • Regulating the environmental impacts resulting from activities of industry and state/local government
  • Providing guidance on designing, constructing, and operating "healthy buildings"
  • Providing facilities management, planning, and construction services for health care delivery facilities and laboratory research complexes
  • Identifying, assessing, and evaluating the health risks associated with hazardous waste sites, unplanned releases of hazardous substances, and environmental contamination or pollution, and helping to prevent or reduce further exposure and resulting illnesses

In addition, engineer officers may have the opportunity to assist in public health responses to man-made and natural disasters and participate in rural health missions helping some of the neediest populations in the Nation.

Engineer officers in the Commissioned Corps range in specialties from traditional civil, mechanical, electrical, and chemical engineering disciplines to the emerging computer, nuclear, biomedical, bioengineering, material science, and environmental specialties.

Engineer officers in the Commissioned Corps can work throughout the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and in other Federal agencies and programs. Below is a list of potential Federal agencies and programs where engineer officers have the greatest likelihood of finding an assignment – the order is based on the number of officers presently assigned. See duty station map for more details.