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USPHS Commissioned Corps Demographics

The USPHS Commissioned Corps is made up of diverse individuals. Of the 6,097 active duty Public Health Service officers, slightly over half (55%) identify as female.

Almost six-in-ten (59%) Public Health Service officers identify as non-white, with 12% of Black, non-Hispanic origin and 9% who identify as Asian or Pacific Islander. However, 28% did not identify with any particular racial or ethnic heritage.

For most non-white ethnic or racial groups, there are more female-identifying Public Health Service officers. Further breakdowns show that roughly three-quarters (75%) of Black Public Health officers identify as female while less than half of White Public Health Service officers identify as female (46%).

Almost 3% of Public Health Service officers are 30 years old or younger. Females 41 years old and over account for almost four-in-ten (39%) of the total of active duty officers.


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